About Cali Cares

Cali Cares is Michael Coleman’s personal act of support for the victims of the March 11th Tohoku earthquake and subsequent disasters.

On June 6th Michael will start a solo bicycle journey down the California coast.  Along the way, he will meet and talk to people about the earthquake, how it affected Japan, and how we can help them recover their trust in life.

Mike's trusty bike, the beautiful Eleanor.

The trip itself will be documented and uploaded by Michael from the road.  You can take part in his journey by following this blog, the facebook page, and the twitter profile.

We will also post about the disaster recovery process, ways to offer support, and other cultural information about Japan and California.

Michael and I are concerned that due to our fast paced culture we are prone to forget how severe this disaster was, long before the wounds have healed.

Many survivors of the disaster including a generation of children are now terrified of the ocean. Something they once saw as a source of life has now become fear and uncertainty.

We share the Pacific Ocean with Japan, the same human heart, the same faults, and we can be there for each other when it’s time to recover.

Update:  The ride is over, but the legacy lives on.  On July 11th, four months to the day after Tohoku earthquake, Michael finished his ride.  He covered 1,111 miles in 23 days of riding.  Mike and I feel like this campaign was a success in many ways, and we look forward to a bright future for California and Japan.

“May you always be close to someone who cares.”



3 responses to “About Cali Cares

  1. You should film it!!! This is an incredible story and could be an incredible documentary!!! Grab a Flip Video camera and a microphone and film it.

  2. What an amazing journey! Best of luck. Yes you should definitely do some filming!

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