About Us

Mike and I share a philosophy:

“It’s only getting better”

We would like to share this philosophy with you!

Me and Eleanor. My faithful ride.

Michael Coleman

Recently life started feeling a bit overwhelming for me.  With the passing of my Grandmother, a broken heart and a string of bad luck I was in a stagnate cycle of distress. When the terrible events happened in Japan on March 11th, and witnessing the horrible aftermath I soon realized my problems were pretty minimal.  As this was all happening I was reading a book on Zen and the practice of unselfishness.  Through much thought I decided to harness that energy I was experiencing from being “bummed out” into a positive act to help others in need through my unselfishness.  My good friend Zane opened my eyes to how much we as people consume and the damages it causes.  So we both decided to consume less and contribute more.  This got me thinking that driving around to gain support for Japan will increase my consumption and do more damage to the environment.  So I’ve decided to sell my car and upgrade to my totally sweet ’89 Schwinn road bike, and since Japan is the coastal neighbor to the great state of California I’ve decided to ride my bike along the coast (top to bottom) and find great people along the way who want to give help in ways of donations, smiles and kind words.

Cali Cares is going to be the most difficult and rewarding experience I have ever attempted.  I am looking forward to making friends and everything else I can’t prepare for.

Zane Cassidy

I enjoy stories and storytelling.  I studied Philosophy and English at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Creating, collaborating, and nurturing ideas has always been my passion.

Mike has been a close friend for ten years.  We have collaborated on numerous projects but Cali Cares is special.  I think this is because Cali Cares can be a great informational tool and potentially make a lot of people happy.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.


3 responses to “About Us

  1. David Mooney

    well hot damn mikey.

    it has appeared to me we haven’t spoken in way too long. let’s talk. also, did you ever post any videos of our ride?? I’d love you if you did. Well, I love you anyways.


  2. What you guys are doing is so amazing and inspirational. Look forward to more updates. cheers!

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