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Connected compassion

I begrudgingly picked up the newspaper this morning expecting a 10 year remembrance of the terrorist attacks.  I still get angry when I see those photos, I don’t know anybody who died on September 11th, but my sympathy goes out to those who did lose friends & family- I may never know your pain.

In 2008 I went to ground zero on September 11th to pay respect. It was very intense to see people walking around crying.  I felt an overwhelming need to console them. But I didn’t know them or how to help them.



What I didn’t realize when I began reading the paper was today is also the 6 month anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I began to wonder if survivors in Japan were feeling like me, going to their own ground zero and wanting to console strangers. And I realized that even though both the attacks on 9-11 & the earthquake/ tsunami were different & effect our cultures differently, we both hurt & have the compassion to console others, to ease their pain. If you see somebody who looks like they could use some help today, offer it. -Michael


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Who’s the boss?

Yoshihiko Noda was chosen as Japan’s next prime minister, the country’s 6th leader in 5 years. Japan’s previous and “unpopular” P.M. Naoto Kan stepped down after just 15 months of service after handling last winter’s nuclear crisis. Noda’s tasks will be challenging as he humbly accepts the role to lead Japan on the road to recovery, a daunting expectation to the struggling citizens of Japan. I support Noda’s optimism & determination and wish the best for the people of Japan.



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