Ocean family helping each other.

I was wondering around at the US Open in my town of Huntington Beach last week and came upon a tent with a large Japanese flag hanging off it, so naturally it attracted my attention. As I approached I was greeted by a tall, thin Japanese man offering me an inviting smile. He introduced himself as Mituteru, and he is a Japanese citizen and avid surfer, being a surfer myself we share an unspoken bond of the ocean, and in this bond we know how vulnerable we are to the magnitude of the ocean.  He explained his foundation and I did with Cali Cares, when he bowed saying thank you I was immediately convinced of his genuine gratitude and appreciation.  I donated a humble amount, hugged him and  I told him I would spread the word of his campaign. So for all my surfer friends out there who see this and feel the tides of giving please contact MitsuteruKamio@wavehunt21@aol.com


“Live in the moment, for everything we are and everything we have is but ticking away” J.Powers


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