History repeating itself, and getting worse.

I first heard about the existence of Somalia in 1992, when I was in the 5th grade.  The reason for this was to educate young students of the devastation around the world we were not yet aware of.  I remember seeing disturbing pictures and reading articles in Time magazine about the drought and famine that hit Somalia just a year after their national government was overthrown.  Now I see that it is happening again and in worse conditions: overpopulation, bad harvesting, and a lack of humanitarian efforts partly due to the presence of al-Shabab.

With millions of refugees and disease spreading like wildfire I was pleased to see the US government stepping in and giving aid (approximately $28 million in aid).

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-14143562 Horn of Africa drought article

As Hericlitus once said “nothing endures but change.” A big concern of mine is the UN‘s structured recovery plan.  Some things have changed since 1992, but too much has remained the same.  People are still warring and dying.  Extra precautions and strategic planning must be a top priority in order to ensure that the suffering stops.

The UN says there are 10 MILLION PEOPLE on verge of starvation… I will think about that next time I get upset at my waiter when my food takes “too long”.



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