U.S. and Japan in the World Cup Final

Less than a week ago both of these teams seemed destined to fail, and fall short of any world cup glory.

The Americans were low on confidence before the Brazil game, and it seemed certain that we were not going any further in this tournament.  It took the latest goal ever to be scored in world cup history to bring us back to life.  But that didn’t seal the deal; we still had to win it on penalties!

The Japanese have not had an easy road either.  They had to defeat two time defending champion Germany, on their home soil none the less.  They also played late into the game before getting a shocking goal to win.  A goal that put them farther into the tournament then any Japanese team before.

Even though they both won emotional victories they weren’t through to the final until today.  America sank the French 3:1 and Japan came back from a goal down to beat Sweden 3:1.  Watch the goals… The ladies can play!

It must be especially pleasing for the Japanese women to taste victory and make their country proud.  After a year of bad news I hope that everyone in Japan will be able to enjoy what their women are doing, and celebrate how far they have come as a team and a nation.

Both teams are riding high after a historic week.  Now, we will be privileged to a world class showdown on Sunday @1145 Pacific time.

May the best team win!



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