Reached the finish line, just in time.

23 days of riding, 1,111 total miles, a few cuts & bruises, new friendships, and a new perspective. I will admit I was a bit apprehensive when leaving my home, I was a bit scared on the first day and there was a couple of times giving up crossed my mind. But the love & support I’ve gotten from all of you that have followed me on my journey & your kind words of encouragement gave me the strength to persevere. When people ask me what the best part of the ride was many memories come flooding into my mind, the memories are great, but the most prolific thing I took from the journey is personal realization. What I have learned about myself is that I want to be the best person I can be, help others and abundantly spread benevolence. Self-nature is mysteriously profound. As I circled back from south Chula Vista I deemed the JACL (Japanese American Citizens League) the most appropriate destination to pass the torch. I have humbly asked director Suzanne Okazaki to pass along anything & everything about Cali Cares to the people living in Japan. Zane & My goal isn’t necessarily to “fix” the world, it’s to spread the act of kindness & compassion to others in need. So maybe no one in Japan will see this but those of us who did have the amazing opportunity to bestow our own amiable disposition on others. As I rode into San Diego I stopped & met a homeless woman named Kaya, after discussing what changes should be made in the world we fabricated the thought to treat the people you meet with kindness & respect- appreciate your life & help others appreciate theirs. This is what I believe to be the element of success for humanity- the light at the end of the tunnel… -Michael



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