Miles of thanks!

I have to give a huge digital group hug of thanks to My parents, for love and support, Vic, Justin & Amber Reynolds, Tom & Terrie Mann, Bryan & Royce for their hospitality & helmet, C. J. Rice for the support in Oregon, Jessica Johnson & Jorge for their hospitality in San Fran, Nick & Sydney for food, supplies & companionship, Dave & John from St. Louis for the laughs & motivation on the road, Donna & John for their hospitality in Shell Beach- who took a stranger into their home, Cody Corrigan & Kelsey Swailes & Alex & Leena Themistocleous for their delicious cooking & homes, Michael Lallande for his photography, Charlos Bentley Tommy Mann & Tony Valle for donated supplies, Studio 37, Toes on the Nose, Black Bull-Sara White, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Winnie Pressley-Ho & Adrienne Bowen for their generous donations,Tammy & The Signal, Afrojack, Avicii, SHM & Steve Aoki for the beats, Kelly & Alan Wager for much inspiration, & Zane Cassidy- you were my crutch and strength with your humor, encouragement & dedication. I love you all so much & could not have done this with out you! -Michael



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