Last night under the stars

Hello everyone, tonight I sleep in Cannon park in Carlsbad under a blanket of stars. This will be my last night on the road with Cali Cares. Tomorrow I will reach the end of California on the 4 month anniversary of the earthquake & tsunami that struck Japan and changed the lives of so many people. This journey has also changed my life, no doubt for the better, it has made me stronger and more compassionate as a person. After I saw the Germany vs. Japan world cup game yesterday I was indescribably touched by what the Japanese team did. They used their biggest moment (so far) on the world’s stage to personally thank the nations that have helped them recover from the disaster. They never said anything along the lines of “look how strong we are to make it here” they just humbly gave thanks. This is what I believe is the key element to peaceful co- existence, appreciation & compassion for one another. When I wake up tomorrow I will carry this thought with me all day until my journey comes to an end. -Michael




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  1. Shelly

    I am so proud of you and glad you got so much out of it. Good work to both of you. 🙂

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