Japan shocks Germany in women’s world cup- players thank the world for support.

The Japanese women’s soccer team did the unthinkable yesterday and beat two time defending champions Germany thanks to a clinical finish from Karina Maruyama.  It’s a victory that many are calling, “one of the biggest upsets in Women’s World Cup history.”

Going into the match as the host nation, the Germans were heavily favored to clinch a semifinal spot.  It took an overtime goal in the 108′ minute by Karina Maruyama to break a zero-zero deadlock and put Japan into the semifinals.  It is the farthest the Japanese have ever made it in this tournament.

Japan’s coach, Norio Sasaki commented after the game, “Our playing is to be an encouragement for the victims of the disaster.”

The players took a moment after the game to give thanks to all of their friends who have supported Japan’s road to recovery.

Here is a full article on the victory from the NY Times.  Congratulations Japan, and best of luck in your next game.



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