In my house but far from home.

Going back to work is comforting, getting back in my daily routine seems nice & seeing friends & family is great. But that sneaking feeling is tapping me on the shoulder. I don’t have that emotional closure of complete accomplishment. Sure riding all the way down to Orange County felt great but it’s not the destination. We at Cali Cares care too much to stop now! I don’t feel like I deserve the comforts of my own home when so many in Japan are still without a home. So, as of now, I plan on taking Sunday/ Monday off to ride as far south as I can to try & gain as much support as possible. Zane & I felt it was most appropriate to end on July 11th- 4 months to the day of the horrific events that took place in Japan. So if you read this, please tell a friend, family member or even stranger, that we still have time to help some people in need!
“NOW is all we have” -Michael



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  1. deana daeley

    Hi Mike! Congratulations on finishing!! We’ve tried to follow you but I’m terrible ay FaceBook (I can NEVER remember my password) so I couldn’t comment 😦 Brian will be home the 29th or 30th of this month let us know your schedule so we can come see you, Again WELL DONE!
    Brian & Deana Daeley (Great Dane owners)

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