On the road again…

Although the convenience of my Mother’s couch & kitchen were great I felt a bit “out of my element”. I genuinely missed the open road, wind in my hair & the ride itself. As I sat on the early train bound for Santa Barbara I couldn’t help but think if the relaxing time off had made me “soft”. Eleanor gave me a couple hiccups leaving Santa Barbara but the motion & rhythm soon returned- it was just like riding a bike (pun intended). I’d like to thank Tammy from The Signal for taking the time to talk with Zane & I, we all hope her article will raise some awareness & momentum. I also have to thank Cody & Kelsey for the delicious homemade tacos & comfy couch in their charming Oxnard sea cottage. Today the ride consists of rolling seaside hills through Malibu on down to Marina del Rey where I’ll spend my last night away from home. This is the time where I’ll have to start to transition back into “normal” society- wish me luck!





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