Japan. Three months after the earthquake.

Mike has been out on the road for over two weeks, meeting people on our coast, and talking to them about the devastation that Japan’s coast experienced.  We all probably remember news footage of entire towns being washed away, skyscrapers in Tokyo swaying like leaves of grass, and the Fukushima reactor nearing meltdown.  It has been just over three months since the earthquake and a lot of progress has been made.  However, there remains a lot more work to do, and judging from these pictures, life on Japan’s coast may never be the same.

But, there will be life.

It is amazing to see how much the Japanese people have accomplished in three months.  When entire cities lay in ruins it is truly a stoic act to carry on, to plan for the future, and for the children who will one day inhabit the coastline again.

There are so many organizations and people involved in this recovery process that they all deserve our support.  For this reason, we developed the *CARE* page.  There you will find ways to contribute towards organizations which have supplied the Japanese people with comfort, food, clothes, shelters, mental health counseling, and even temporary hospitals.

If you would like to see more pictures of the recovery process visit this link to Boston.com.



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  1. Caryn

    These are awesome pictures! 🙂

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