Hospitality turns 180*

I woke up today in the cold dense fog surrounding Hearst castle, and rode a wobbly bike into Cambria. Had the best breakfast yet @ The Redwood cafe with the best server yet Wendi. She served up the right amount of coffee & sarcasm to get my day going! Then we rode into wonderful San Louis Obispo where I got to visit with my sweet cousin Rachel- & she hooked it up with delicious cornbread that fueled me to beautiful Shell Beach. Once here a lovely couple John & Donna (whom before 7 o’clock today where complete strangers) invited me into their home, cooked me an incredible homemade dinner, a hot shower & a comfy couch to crash on! There are so many great people I’ve encountered that inspire me to pay it forward.

“Together we are what we can’t be alone”.






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10 responses to “Hospitality turns 180*

  1. “Coffee and sarcasm.” There’s nothing better in the morning. Enjoy your ride today!

  2. It’s amazing to see people open their homes!

  3. My favorite post yet. It sounds amazing, and Im digging that Harmony sign very much.

  4. Kim

    Hey Coleman, why did the new yorker sleep under its car?

  5. cody

    Tuna, awsome post! Great you man

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