Big Sur is sure big!

There is something special about testing yourself – pushing yourself to the limit and finding out what you’re capable of accomplishing. Today it was the breathtaking climb through Big Sur. I meet 2 really cool guys ( John & Dave) from St. Louis, they’re only 20 so these young bucks are keeping me going @ “20 year old energy level.”

Maybe today you can challenge yourself to do something difficult & feel the great feeling of accomplishment. I want to say a quick thanks to Marli, who I only spoke with momentarily but gave me some good positive energy & she seemed to want to support Cali Cares. I’m headed to Pismo Beach tonight after my bike gets a little TLC.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”






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8 responses to “Big Sur is sure big!

  1. Where can I make a donation towards helping Mike get his bike fixed?

  2. Hey, it’s Meghan again. Do you know what the best way to get a hold of him would be? I’m headed to Pismo in the next few days, so I wanna treat him to lunch or dinner or something if possible. You can e-mail me

  3. Hey Mike! Is that the horse that was trying to eat the food out of your pocket?

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