This one is for you Mike.

Before Mike left he asked me to post some motivational quotes from time to time.  Looking now at the scenery which surrounds him I have a hard time imagining words that are more uplifting than what his eyes can see.

I started writing this post last night after I returned home from a hiking trip in the Sierras. I came back home refreshed and ready for a busy week.  However, something happened earlier this morning that has put a lot of my plans on hold.

Instead of sitting in my chair at my desk I am presently laying on my floor. My back is stiff as a board. I can barely move without sharp pains shooting up the center of my back; just below my shoulder blades. Something went wrong on my regular jog this morning, my body has had enough, and it has forced me to be still.

Thankfully, I can write from the floor, with my BlackBerry raised above my face!

I found this quote last night which speaks closely to your journey Mike, and to all of ours as well.

 “Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”  -Anthony Robbins

Life is feeling more like a gift right now than it has in a long time!

As for the quote, I have a tendency to read into things, so my first thought was, ‘becoming more than what?’  It seems plain enough that Anthony is asking us to become more than ourselves. But, this is a complicated request right?

Or is it simple…

Take a look at my thought process:  Mike’s more is different than my more.  Your more is different than someone else’s more.  And there is no clear way to judge who’s more is more valuable…

So maybe someone’s more is setting aside 30 minutes each morning to teach themselves how to read music.  And someone else may volunteer at a local Red Cross 2 nights a week.  Whatever your more is, once you start becoming it, you will also start contributing to the wealth and beauty of the world.

It sounds simple but as we all know (and I am experiencing this right now) becoming “more” is a complex chore. Often our behaviors control us, rather than the other way around. And even our best attempt at making positive change in our lives can be stopped by nature or a reluctant body.

Luckily for all of us, there is always hope; each day, every breath is a fresh start. We can do a little extra and make someone else’s life that much better.

We are all capable of more so let’s not let anyone, including ourselves, stand in the way.  Keep riding Mike.



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