Day 2 along the ocean blue

First off thank you all for the encouragement, it gives me positive motivation! I was very fortunate to have clear sunny skies today and the wind mostly at my back (except for 1 massive hill). Oregon is a very beautiful state with breathtaking scenery & very nice people- I will miss it when I leave here tomorrow.





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9 responses to “Day 2 along the ocean blue

  1. Victor

    Nice Pics. Mike Have a great ride today

  2. Royce

    Mike, It was so nice to meet you. I really admire what you are doing. I”m glad you could stay with us and ride through our beautiful state. These are gorgeous pictures of the coast. Enjoy your ride through California. – Royce

  3. Sounds like a great day 2!! Pics are awesome…Keep them coming!! Sleep well & relax

  4. Royce

    Now you are in my old stompin’ grounds. I went to Humboldt State U for 3 years. It is a beautiful place. – Royce

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