Bah Humbug-(not really)

Morale is high, I’m just laying my head to bed @ humbug mountain national park- this whole area is beautiful! Lush green forest to my left and brilliant beaches/ coastline to my right. I’ve already meet some cool people from Eureka & Torrance riding along who support the cause. 1st day in the books, 1st night in the tent- a great start so far!



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5 responses to “Bah Humbug-(not really)

  1. This is such a fun and neat story. Please post pictures if you can!

  2. Shelly Coleman

    Have a good ride today!

  3. This is awesome, Coleman. Hope your first night on the road was a good one 🙂

  4. Victor

    Hi Mike, I’m proud of you for doing something in this world so few of us do… following your heart -showing the world that people do care when others suffer.
    Have a good ride, Love you

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