There isn’t much time before Mike leaves for his trip.  We are getting together tomorrow morning to finalize a lot of “the plan” for a safe and enjoyable journey.  So far, we are looking at a few more purchases, but everything seems to be going as planned.

Part of the difficulty for planning this whole endeavor is that I live in Newhall, about an hour and a half north of Mike in Huntington Beach.  The other half of the problem is when we get together we usually end up joking around and having too much fun!

Today we finished some flyers that Mike will be handing out to people on his route.  We hope these will direct traffic to this blog, where we can facilitate something of a information/gift exchange.  We would like people to talk and give.  Talk about Japan, California, and give whatever it is they can.  I have donated money before for disaster relief, and while I felt good about it, I wished there was more I could do.  I know Mike shares this sentiment.  And that it part of the reason we are doing this.

So, we would like to “challenge” you…  What can you do with your time, talents, or resources?

Right now I am trying to find out how we can connect with people affected by the disaster.  I am particularly concerned for the tens of thousands of children who were displaced.  As I find out more information I will share it here with you.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

Here are the flyers we will be handing out.  They will be printed by Tuesday!



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