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excitement and the unknown!

I have a break in my day so I wanted to spend a few minutes composing a personal post and also explain where I see my contribution to this project heading.

For starters, what Mike is doing is just awesome, crazy, and old-fashioned admirable.  I am excited for him and the unknown adventures that await all of us who follow him online.  There will no doubt be some sketchy moments on the road.  A journey this long will have its share of surprises.  Thank the Heavens for social networking!  Through this blog, Twitter, and Facebook, we will all be able to keep in touch and hear about his journey.

If you don’t have an RSS reader (or you don’t know what that is) I would suggest getting one to keep you updated when we post on the blog.  I didn’t know exactly what RSS was until early this morning but it is safe to say I am now a believer.  In a nutshell, the stories you care about online (like this blog for example) are sent to you.  I went with Google Reader and I learned how to follow blogs by this short video. You just may find it addicting.

As for my involvement I am starting to see my time spent on the blog, researching events, and writing about them as my way of showing I care.  But, compared to the sacrifices others have made, I feel compelled to do more.  So I have decided to learn as much as I can, and do as much as I can, to turn this little blog into a hub of information about what is going on in Japan, California, and other relevant stories from around the world.  I envision this to be a place where you can stop in and learn something new, discover ways to offer different kinds of support, see what cool things others are doing, and make connections with real people in your neighborhood and across the world.

Thanks for your time and feel free to comment, ask us questions, or offer your support.



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Supplies update

Hey all, just got back from REI’s sale where I made the last (hopefully) of my rinding/camping purchases. Next I plan to get Eleanor (my beautiful bike) tuned up and pick up the Amazing flyers that Zane so artistically designed. As the departure date nears (June 6th) the anticipation, nervousness and excitement grows and grows!

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Quakebook 2:46

Today I stumbled upon Quakebook 2:46 — Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake.  It is a retelling of the events surrounding the earthquake, the subsequent disasters in Japan, and how they intimately affected people around the world. - A Twitter-sourced charity book about how the Japanese Earthquake at 2:46 on March 11 2011 affected us all. Raising money for the Japan Red Cross.

After reading some of the excerpts I was compelled to buy the book.  To my surprise, I found that you can download the book for free on your Kindle or a Kindle for PC reader. The creative team responsible for Quakebook only asks, “If you can spare a lot, give a lot. If you can’t – we understand, give what you can.”  Also, they will be releasing a physical book for purchase on Amazon in the near future.

What makes this project inspirational to me is that it was created in four weeks.  Technology and Twitter served as the desktop for a group of selfless creators.  Now, the world can feel what it was like, and not just from one or two authors, but from over 80.  This diversity of perspectives makes the book a special kind of documentation.  You are brought into different lives; each story is a personal take on a world-wide event.  My sincere “thank you” to each person who was brave enough to retell their story, so that we might better understand. I highly recommend you read some of the stories, learn about the events, and think about how you can help.

As I type, Mike is at REI buying some supplies for his ride down the California coast.  He will be starting the ride on June 6th at the northern California border.  We expect his trip to last around three weeks and we plan on posting the route map soon.  As we build up to the journey you can follow the blog, the Facebook page, and the Twitter account.  Once Mike is on the road he will keep you updated on his journey and I will continue to post information about Cali Cares and other charitable causes.

Join us as we learn more about Japan, the disaster, California, and what we can all do to help.



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There isn’t much time before Mike leaves for his trip.  We are getting together tomorrow morning to finalize a lot of “the plan” for a safe and enjoyable journey.  So far, we are looking at a few more purchases, but everything seems to be going as planned.

Part of the difficulty for planning this whole endeavor is that I live in Newhall, about an hour and a half north of Mike in Huntington Beach.  The other half of the problem is when we get together we usually end up joking around and having too much fun!

Today we finished some flyers that Mike will be handing out to people on his route.  We hope these will direct traffic to this blog, where we can facilitate something of a information/gift exchange.  We would like people to talk and give.  Talk about Japan, California, and give whatever it is they can.  I have donated money before for disaster relief, and while I felt good about it, I wished there was more I could do.  I know Mike shares this sentiment.  And that it part of the reason we are doing this.

So, we would like to “challenge” you…  What can you do with your time, talents, or resources?

Right now I am trying to find out how we can connect with people affected by the disaster.  I am particularly concerned for the tens of thousands of children who were displaced.  As I find out more information I will share it here with you.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

Here are the flyers we will be handing out.  They will be printed by Tuesday!


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an evolving enterprise

This Blog will follow my friend Mike as he rides his bike down the California coast.  He will be stopping along the way to talk with people about Japan, about those affected by the earthquake on March 11, and what we can do to help.

He will be looking for smiles, stories, and well… whatever else people will share with families still suffering and in need of hope.

Our “goal” is to remind people of the facts, open discussion about the California-Japan connection, and show the Japanese people that we still care.  We hope to accomplish this as Mike makes friends on his ride and I post content online.

All of the pictures, stories, and video Mike takes on the road will be posted here.  Our hope is that the people of Japan will see our smiling faces, hear our encouraging stories, and look out over the ocean with a new sense of optimism rather than uncertainty and fear.

Before and after Mike hits the road we will be posting updates, stories of hope, reflections on our cultures, coasts, and whatever else we can squeeze relevance out of!  We are very excited to learn more and we want to share what we learn with you.  Check back in late May for more content!

Our vision for this project is collaboration!  Our hope is that you would like to somehow involve yourself.  Feel free to contact us if you would like to develop this idea, illustrate, write, participate, offer Mike a backyard to pitch his tent, or join in the ride!

We are still trying to figure out the exact dates but it looks like Mike will be riding in early June.  Until then, please check back in as the idea grows.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to getting to know you.

May you always be close to someone who cares.



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